Traction Transformer and Rectifier Units

Transformers and Rectifiers Ltd are the only company in the UK to design and manufacture its own range of traction rectifiers up to 4.25MW, under one roof.

Power Transformers

We offer a comprehensive product range of ‘Mineral’ oil, ‘Midel’ fluid or ‘Silicon’ fluid filled transformers incorporating up to 7500 kVA, with a highest system voltage of 36,000 volts.

Industrial Transformer Rectifier Units

Designed to dissipate generated heat, our transformer rectifiers can utilise natural air, forced air, water forced or oil immersion.

Voltage Regulating Transformers

Our regulating transformers provide variable voltage for the purposes of variation, or stabilisation, without phase shift, or deterioration of the supply waveform, and power factor.

Voltage Stabilising Transformers

The voltage stabiliser is used to supply a reliable and constant voltage to a variable network.

Shore to Ship

Navy dockyards in all corners of the globe benefit from using the T&R ‘Shore to Ship’ power supply unit. Equipped with a voltage monitoring relay, the equipment continuously provides a stable voltage to the Submarine or Fleet Support Vessel.

Earthing and Auxiliary Transformers

Some of the world’s largest contractors and manufacturing companies use Transformers and Rectifiers Earthing and Auxiliary Transformers, including the London Underground and National Grid.

Dry Type Transformers

Our dry type non-encapsulated transformers provide an engineering solution where liquid filled transformers are not viable. The insulation of the fire retardant dry transformer is based on DuPont’s NOMEX aramid paper which neither melts nor supports combustion and is also self-extinguishing.

Signalling Transformers and Voltage Stabilisers

For years, the ‘Voltage Stabilising Transformer Unit’ has been supplying the traction industry with a constant voltage signalling supply.

Railway Sub Station Auxiliary and Isolation Transformers

As approved manufacturer to Network Rail Ltd, London Underground and Transport for London (TfL), T&R manufacture variants of auxiliary transformers in accordance with each client’s relevant standards.

Cast Resin

We supply cast resin transformers for applications such as Rectifier, Converter, Traction, and Distribution Transformers with throughput capacities up to 5 MVA, and highest system voltages up to 24 kV.

Southern and Partridge Transformers

Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd hold many original designs, and specifications for products produced by Southern Transformer Products (STP), Gresham Transformers Ltd (GTL), and Partridge Transformers Ltd.

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