Dry Type Transformers

Dry Type Transformers

Dry Type Transformers

Our dry type transformers provide our customers with an engineering solution where liquid-filled or resin-encapsulated transformers are not a viable option. These products come with the highest standard of safety and reliability, reducing the risk of a fire hazard.

The winding conductor is insulated using Du-Pont’s ‘Nomex’ aramid paper which neither melts nor supports combustion and is also self-extinguishing.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Excellent high temperature resistance.
  • Retains useful electrical and mechanical properties for long periods at temperatures above melting point of nylon and polyester.
  • Retains its electrical and mechanical properties in high humidity environments.
  • Generally insoluble, compatible with industrial oils and varnishes and resistant to chemical and radioactive degradation.
  • Long term thermal stability.

These transformers meet ISO 14,001 standards and environmental conditions as they do not make use of any polluting liquids or toxic chemicals. They are often used in the steel, mining and glass industries.

Our range of fire-retardant dry type transformers include up to 4,000kVA and 11,000kV.

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