Our Carbon Footprint

  • 28 Jan, 2020

There is no doubt that we have seen a significant shift in public concern over global warming and the extent of climate change. There are lots of things that businesses can do to reduce their impact on the environment and to promote real change.

T&R have always been committed to tackling this very serious problem and now we are looking at ways we can continue to cut our carbon footprint even more.

Our first action will be attaining 14001 accreditation in the year of 2020. This is an internationally agreed standard that helps organisations improve their environmental performance through resource management and the reduction of waste.

We are also embarking on programs to save energy and water. We will do this by replacing all lightbulbs used in the factory with LED lights, reducing our use of electricity.

These are a few ways T&R are taking initiative to reduce our waste and change the way we work to improve the environment.

Afaq 9001
Afaq 14001
Afaq 45001