Over Fifty Years of
Continuous Production


Having acquired the intellectual property rights of ‘Brentford Regulating & Voltage Stabilising Transformers’ in 1998, we can offer standalone linear carbon roller regulators, or regulators forming part of a composite power supplies package.

The Voltage Regulating Transformers manufactured by Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd are a mature product with a successful track record of over fifty years of continuous production.

Brentford Electric Ltd undertook significant developments of the Voltage Regulator during the 1950’s that made the Brentford Carbon Roller Voltage Regulator a brand leader, well known, and respected throughout the electric power control industry. Remaining true to the original form, the Brentford Regulator has continued production with Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd after the demise of Allenwest Brentford in 1998.

The Brentford Voltage Regulating Transformer is a power device that is used to provide variable voltage for the purposes of variation, or stabilisation, without phase shift, or deterioration of the supply waveform, and power factor.

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