A Major Core Product
in our Range


A major core product in our product range is the ‘Transformer Rectifier Unit’. As the two components are designed and manufactured under one roof, this provides the client with peace of mind.

Not only will the transformer and rectifier operate electrically as a composite unit, he is also assured upon installation mechanically, the equipment will fit like a glove.

Typical rectifier applications are:

  • Uncontrolled diode rectifiers for duties such as traction, crane and dockyard power supplies.
  • Controlled thyristor rectifiers for duties such as metal finishing, water treatment, refining, heating, etc.

In addition, we supply other types of rectifiers that do not fit into the broad product ranges shown above.

Some applications use Voltage Regulating Transformers as the means of output variation. The principal advantage of using a voltage regulating transformer compared to a silicon controlled rectifier is the equipment maintains a high power factor across the full range of voltage variation.

Typical applications include electrophoretic painting, electro-chlorination, copper winning, metal deposition, essential DC supplies (battery supplies) and plasma arc.

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