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Over the years Transformers and Rectifiers Limited have steadily expanded it’s product range of ‘Mineral’ oil, ‘Midel’ fluid or ‘Silicon’ fluid filled transformers incorporating up to 7500 kVA, with a highest system voltage of 36,000 volts.

Manufactured solely in Guildford, Transformers and Rectifiers Limited are able to offer:-

  • Free Air Breathing Transformers
  • Hermetically Sealed Transformers

One of the strengths that Transformers and Rectifiers Limited are able to offer to their clients is to design and manufacture combination units which include double wound components such as:

  • High Voltage Line Stabilisers
  • Shore to Ship Power Supplies
  • Three Phase and Neutral Earthing Transformers Units
  • Transformer Rectifier Units
  • Drives Transformers
  • Korndorfer Motor Starting Transformers
  • Thyristor Controlled Transformer Regulators
  • Test Transformers

Complex winding configurations are not unusual for Transformers and Rectifiers limited. Winding variations such as Zig-Zag windings, triple windings including a tertiary and primary phase shift transformers.

In addition to providing a transformer suitable to meet the clients requirements and expectations, we are also able to supply a full test procedure including:-

  • Full Wave and Chopped Impulse Tests
  • Temperature Rise Test
  • Zero Phase Sequence Impedance Tests
  • Sound Pressure Test
  • Short Circuit Test * (External laboratories are utilised).

In many applications the transformers need to be suitable for overloads and harmonic warming. In both cases Transformers and Rectifiers Limited have a wide experience of such applications and would be pleased to discuss these details further with yourselves.

One of the major costs associated with replacement transformers is the installation cost. At Transformers and Rectifiers Limited, we can provide a facility where the replacement transformer would be designed and manufactured as a complete replica of the existing unit, so replacement of HV and LV cables can be minimised. In some cases, it is possible to utilise the existing HV and LV cable boxes so power cables are not effected at all.

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