An Old Friend Returns!On the 15th of October an Old Friend returned after 47 years of uninterrupted service.  This 3.5MW Transformer has been in service since 1969 and has been received back to the works for repair and overhaul and service which will re-invigorate it for another 20- 30 years of productive effort.  Leaving before Neil Armstrong made that giant leap for mankind, this faithful servant has seen the world change over it’s nearly half a century of performance.

Transformers and Rectifiers’ Service Manager Peter Roberts observes that “there are many other T&R transformers, rectifiers, stabilisers and voltage regulators across the world still in active service.  Many of them would benefit from an assessment and some maintenance intervention.  Our brands include Transformers and Rectifiers, Brentford, Bonar Brentford and Southern and there are units in operation from Hong Kong to the Caribbean.”

We expect to turn this repair and overhaul around in 10 weeks, which include remanufacturing obsolete components  and return the unit to it’s home site.  If you have one of our units please contact us in Guildford or by email