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  Transformer Rectifiers for DC Traction


Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd manufacture a wide range of transformer rectifier equipment for use in  

DC traction schemes for both heavy and light rail systems. Both transformers and rectifiers are

manufactured at our factory in Guildford.


Power ratings of units manufactured range from 500KW to 4000KW at DC voltages from

550VDC to 1500VDC. The AC supply input voltage has ranged from 6.6KV to 33KV.



3000KW 33KVAC/750VDC outdoor transformer rectifier

Rectifier arrangements are invariably twelve pulse using either series or parallel diode bridges with three winding transformers employing Delta and Star secondary windings to match.Generally any situation has an optimum solution and this applies to equipment styles which can be designed to suit particular site locations and conditions. For example T&R Ltd have supplied transformer rectifier units for both indoor and outdoor use with liquid filled and dry type rectifier transformers. Liquid filled transformers can be filled with either mineral oil or synthetic fluid.  



4000KW 1500VDC indoor traction rectifier unit



Traction schemes using our transformer rectifier units include: -

·         Blackpool Tram UK

·         Croydon Tram UK

·         Docklands Light Railway Lewisham Extension

·         MTRC Tseung Kwan O Extension Hong Kong

·         MTRC Penny’s Bay Line Hong Kong

·         Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) UK

·         Network Rail Southern Region Power Supply Upgrade UK.

·         Network Rail Mersey Rail UK

·         Network Rail North London Line UK

·         Camden & Bushey Substation Renewals UK



Typical features and fittings include: -

·         Oil filled or dry type transformers

·         Indoor or outdoor designs

·         Air natural cooling

·         Fused or fuseless designs

·         Redundant diode (n+1) for fused designs

·         Over temperature protection

·         Open circuit arm detection (OCAD)                           

·         Over voltage surge protection

·         Comprehensive alarm and trip diagnostics

·         Local alarm annunciation where required

·         Voltage free contacts for SCADA interface

·         Rectifier DC breaker can be included


Internal view of 3000KW 750VDC indoor rectifier

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